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Choosing the Right System

  1. Ground floor—Level entry threshold – These products are required to comply with NZBC E1 and E2/ASI compliance. The products provide continuous drainage across doorways and other entry/exit points. They can also be used to collect water running down the building facade and any surface water run off on hardscape areas which may approach the building parameter.
  2. Balconies—open floor areas above ground floor level – Balcony drains are used to evacuate water (rainwater) which may fall on balconies either directly or via building facades. They are normally located across doorways to prevent surface water run off entering the internal living areas.
  3. Green roof drainage—environmentally sensitive roof designs – The trend of using flat roof spaces for ‘green’ space is continually growing. Apart from recreational use, green roofs give advantages for LEED certification and can assist with roof insulation—making the building more energy efficient. Profiline is a unique product with a perforated drain body which allows water collected via the grate to percolate back into the soil layer. The channel system sits on top of the roof membrane. Under severe weather conditions the grate and channel acts like a ‘normal’ trench drain, moving the water to a conventional drainage rain water down pipe.
Choosing the Right System
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